Time for a Change

I've decided on a change in direction with my photography, I currently make a little bit of money from events and selling prints. Going forward I'm going to move away from doing events and on the print side, I've decided to make a change here as well and use the print sales to benefit a couple of charities. I've come to the point where I just want to go out and enjoy taking photographs, but I do realise that there is some commercial value in my work and going forward I will continue to sell prints. Where things will change though is that going forward I will donate 20% of the ticket price from each print sale to charity. This might increase at some point, but initially I have got to make sure all my costs are covered.

The two charities I have chosen are St Oslwald's Hospice and the WWT, the donations from the Town & Country Gallery will got to St Oswalds and the donations from Flora & Fauna Gallery will goto WWT. Both a very worthwhile charities who I'm happy to use my work to give a little support to. The galleries at the moment have only got a couple of prints up, over the next couple of weeks the number of prints will increase as I select photographs from my collection. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form on the site if you have any questions.